2D Code Reader

Stand-alone complete code & character reader
High speed camera up to 100 fps
Integrated LED illumination and optic
Intuitive graphical development environment
ELCR 4840 2D-Vision-Code-Reader
Detection of 1D/2D Barcode, Data-Matrix ECC 200 and RSS codes

With a working range of 100 mm and a detection window of 48 x 40 mm the ELCR 4840 will detect OCR/OCV and barcode in 360°. The code can be transfered via serial interface or 10/100 Mbps ethernet interface.
Principal Features
640 x 480 pixel
Operating distance adjustable from 60 to 200 mm +/-10 mm (26 x 26 mm to 118 x 88 mm detection range)
Illumination integrated
Integrated objective
Code reading in 360°
2 digital input
3 digital output
1 analogue output for external illumination
RS 232/485 interface
10/100 Mbps ethernet interface
Easy handling on graphic programming via Windows
Typical Applications
1D/2D barcode reading
Data-Matrix ECC 200 code reading
RSS codes
Postal codes
EAN/UPC codes
360° reading
Reads on paper, plastic, textile, aluminium
Technical Data
Electrical data Supply voltage 24 VDC, +/- 10 % ripple
Power consumption typ. 3W
Data on ambient conditions Operating temperature - 10 °C to +50 °C
Humidity 10 % to 90 % (not condensing)
Camera Number of pixel 640 x 480
Chip size 1/2", CMOS (BW/Color)
Shutter 20 μs to 1,3 sec
Detection rate 60 fps
Frame rate 200 fps
Protection Degree of protection IP 52
Possible Codes