Non – Contact Speed & Length Gauges Bi – directional Precie, zero speed measurement

Product Brief
μSPEED systems are capable of measuring speed and length without contact to the moving material surface. The systems replace tactile measurement solutions as e.g. contact wheels, which tend to measurement errors caused by slippage, chatter, dirt build‐up and day to day wear problems. The maintenance free and long term calibrated μSPEED systems measure nearly all surfaces without parameter setting.
Compared to tactile measurement systems :
  • Self monitoring
  • Non contact, no slippage
  • Maintenance free and permanently calibrated
  • Measurement independent form material
  • Structure, thickness, elasticity
  • Cannot damage material surface
  • High accuracy, high repeatability

Compared to other non‐contact devices:
  • The most compact in class
  • The most easy to handle in class (plug & play)
  • Non-contact direction detection
  • Non-contact zero speed measurement
  • No parametration necessary
  • Permanently calibrated
  • Long laser lifetime
  • Optimum price performance ratio
  • MID 2014/32/EU standard (proofed by German PTB)
  • Made in Germany

μSpeed® / μSpeed smartsensor
Length- & Velocity Measurement and corresponding Applications