Rotogravure Machine Auto Registration Control System

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Product Brief
The Printing industry is a day to day market, Automation in this field is now noticed by the user for the quality of Printed material. Which is not possible without the upgraderation of the system & with ARC system. This will give results of International quality of printing & give the user an edge our the competition.
Product Introduction
CRS-2002 Gravure printing system adopted high speed build in MCU which is most advanced in current time, high capacity flash Rom chipset, Onsite bus, fiber sensor, window application software for high technology production .
Technical Specification
Inspection accuracy reaches +/-0.01mm, highest work speed 600 meters per minutes
It supports max 16 colors and can connect with one group of sheet cutting equipment at the same time.
It can simultaneously inspect and control longitudinal and lateral errors during printing.
CRS-2002Gravure printing color system can display scanning the signal of actual wave and signal gating control wave for each color set.
It can also support focus display so that operator can carefully check if offset location is correct or not.
CRS-2002 Gravure printing color system monitor host can be run on Windows platform. Its interface is user friendly.
CRS-2002 Gravure printing color system uses design of communication bus and system bus layout. It is simple and reliability is high.
CRS-2002 Gravure printing color system is equipped with advanced Fiber color inspect sensor and has very high inspection quality.
Customer can list to tailor the need. It has function of manual / auto switch, error benchmark set, manual adjustment, shift modification and error display, alarm indication .status indication and so on.
CRS-2002 Gravure printing color system interface with touch pad. We have different types for your choice.
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