Auto Web Tension Control System

Four Line LCD Display
To show various parameter’s as per requirements.
Set Tension
Shows the set tension.
Web Tension
Shows actual web tension.
Line Speed
It shows web speed in meter / min.
Shows material length in meter.
Total process ON time in minutes.
Output voltage
Shows output voltage to the Brake/Motor.
No manual set valve
PURETRONICS web tension controller stores the last output voltage to Brake / Motor, whenever machine is stopped or power Off takes place it starts the machine with old memorized value, which gives least variation in the tension, gives the leading edge.
User's Friendly
For Operation easiness, 10 turn Tension set pot is provided to set the desired tension. Start ON - OFF switch with indication.
In All Continuous Web Processing Machines.
Roto Gravure Printing Machine.
Flexo Graphic Printing Machines.
Plastic Films Lamination Machines.
Slitting Machines.
Paper Manufacturing Machines.
Continuous Stationary Presses.
Paper Slitters & Rewinders.
Foils Processing Machines.
Magnetic & Adhesive Tapes Machines.
Blown Films Extrusion / Tabing Machines.
Technical Specification
Optically Isolated Digital Input’s.
Electrically Isolated Load Cell Signal With Separate Power Supply For Stable Result.
Electrically Isolated Output Analogue Voltage.
Electrically Isolated Drive Current Signal.
Design To Sustain Wide Power Variations Without Disturbing The Performance.
Under Voltage Tripping Circuitry.
Relay Change Over To Other Interlocking.
External Interlocking Possible.
RS 232 Communications For Remote Operation.
Separate Card For Interface.
Master Card Is Isolated To Sustain Any External Misuse.
FRC Cable System For Handy, Neat System.
Separate Power Supply Card & Transformer For Brake.