High Frequency Spark Tester Bench Model

Product Brief
We manufacture Spark Testers for extrusion and rewind lines to check for defects in cable insulation. Cable passes through in a high-voltage bead chain electrode in the spark tester, and any insulation fault causes a spark from this electrode to the ground via cable core. Any spark is detected by spark tester electronics and registered as a fault. By using spark testers at your extrusion or rewind lines, you can monitor your cable product. If there is any fault in cable insulation, the spark tester will warn you by its alarm and you can search the possible cause and fix the problem, so you get product without any faults.
Electronic switching based unique design.
Sine wave, low power circuit.
Confirms to National / International standards.
All digital displays for easy readout.
2 changeover signal for different interlocks.
Online Extrusion Insulation Testing.
Online Rewinding & Testing Machine.
Online Coiling Machine.
Inspection Machine.
For Power Cable, Control Cable, Telephone Cable, LAN Cable, RF Cable, Automotive Wire, Building Wire.
Technical Specification
Model PST - 15
Voltage Range 0.5 / 15 KV
Test Frequency 2.5 TO 3.5 KHZ
Wave Form Sine Wave A.C.RMS
Wire Size 0.5 to 15mm O.D. (30mm on Demand)
Electrode Bead Chain housing of 70mm long
Max Wire Speed 2500 mts / min (MPM)
H. V. Meter Digital LED
Sensitivity Fixed by electronic tuning
Fault Counter 6 digit LCD Self Powered
Power Supply 230V AC 50Hz, 1KVA
Interlocking By potential free change over

Remote EHT inhibit, Tripping Circuit

Adjustable wire Running height Depends on mounting (Not in our scope)
Dimension in MM 350W x 250 H x 300D
Approximate Weight 18Kg.
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