CCD Line Sensors

Product Brief
Line sensor are existing a long time, mostly the illumination will bring the user a problem. The MZS 2000 is a complete checking-system, the electronic and illumination is integrated in the M30 housing. 13° vision angle of the optic makes a measuring range of 150 mm to 500 mm possible. The integrated illumination is working best with a reflective foil. It is possible to switch it off to use other external illuminations. The sensor has 5 different programs; the principle is always to teach-in a minimum and a maximum value.
Program 1 is used if the width of an object in front of a bright background is to be measured. Program 2 is used if the width of a well reflecting object in front of a dark background or a bright gap between two dark edges is to be measured. With program 3 the position from object centers relative to the position of pixel 1 is determined. Program 4 and 5 is used whenever the orientation or the position of an object is to be controlled with transition from bright to dark or dark to bright. 4 LEDs are for controlling the brightness. 3 digital outputs, 1 analog output to round off the function range. Order your example today!

If you need higher resolution take the Line Cam CCD-Line Camera for online check of color and dimensions!