Defect Detect System For Reading & Verfying Barcode, Data Matrix, OCV & OCR

Product Brief
QualiPrint - Code Reader - is the innovative line of products dedicated to Bar Code, Data Matrix, OCV (verification of codes) and OCR analysis (reading of codes), for reading and/or verification of conformity and congruence of alphanumeric codes, of bar codes and data matrix, printed as “variable fields” on a wide range of products.

Particularly with QualiPrint is possible to read and verify the correctness, for instance, of the code number of Your products, directly after the generation of the codes, and therefore to eliminate the problems connected with products with non legible data!

Optical Character Recognition and Verification (OCR/OCV) tools enable Vision Inspection Machine to read, verify, and inspect alphanumeric text in a variety of applications. From human-readable text to bar code data matching and serial code verification on labels and packaging, Vision Inspection Machine with OCR/OCV tools deliver the capabilities necessary for machine “literacy.”
Working Principle

This kind of solution is designed to acquire the image of the label with the code, during the printing process.

The QualiPrint L Vision System can be installed in the printing line as a standalone unit (the one proposed): in this case it's very important to define the possibility of one right position of our cameras, near the printing machine. In particular the acquire unit will need to be installed in the product path, in a position where the product is stable from vibrations or rotations, usually the best location is in correspondence of a the printing Unit.

For every code that must be checked, the System:

Separates each code string
Separates each character ( or logos ) in the located code string
Verify each character by comparing it to the reference model (OCV) or associates it to the most similar one in the font library (OCR)
Read the 1-d code (Bar Code) or 2-d code (data matrix)
Verifies absence of scratch and hole in a “cover” area, preliminary defined by the operator
If one or more characters are not recognized, a reject signal is activated.
Fast change of parameters on production change.
The high resolution 8 bit Ccd camera, s/r > 60 dB, is controlled by PC without any manual intervention. Once the proper value in the calibration phase has been recorded, nothing else to do but recalling the relevant file on change production and the Systems is automatically reconfigured.
Easiness of use.
The very simple software customized for card control allows very fast and intuitive calibration.Parameters are protected by password and the relevant management is reduced to the variables actually in use and displayed on screen. It is also possible to display only the page summarizing statistical data or to associate to this the image relevant to the last rejected card or label.

The algorithms of the software are proprietary and developed for printing control.
The software allows to manage work sheets, job code, product code, operator name, start date of activity, job suspension, job end, machine stops and relevant causes, number of pieces produced, pieces rejected, etc, transferable via network to the customer Quality Control or Production computer to create typical electronic reports.
Possible Users
Printing & Packaging
CD & DVD Manufacturers
Typical Composition
Falcon P4 Platform, operating in Windows XP ambients, completed with Floppy Disk, Hard Disk, CDROM
e network board 10/100
Module with 2 Inputs and 2 Outputs, protected, electronically switched and working with NPN/PNP logic
Electronic Powering Unit with its container
Connection Cables
Monitor 15" LCD Touch Screen
USA-ASCII Keyboard completed with mouse (inside the cabinet)
Images Acquisition Unit FALCON ACQ UNIT, equipped with:
Unit containing the lighting system and cameras, completed with:
One camera (800X600 pixel) with professional lens
Frame for connecting the System to Customer process
Backup CD ROM
Software, duly dedicated to the application, in English language.
User Manuals in English lang