Defect Detect System For Glass Bottles

Defect Detect System For Glass Bottles  
Product Brief
A complete system for the on line quality control of bottling and sparkling wine Dimensional Analysis and defects detection in production process of glass bottles. on-line inspection of bottles bundles, enclosed in heat-shrink film. With a max productivity of 15 packs controlled every minute!
Working Principle
Our solution is based on 2 groups of 6 cameras and a special back-lighting system. The first group looks at the upper half (top half) of the bottle, the other observes the lower half (bottom half) (see fig. 1). Cameras of each group are angularly disposed to observe the whole sidewall surface of the bottle. This configuration has been studied to obtain high resolution images with an optimal contrast in order to detect all the typical defects of glass bottle.
The QualiGlass result from many years experience and studies in the bottle sector. This allow Falcon Instruments to present a system capable to resolve problems of detection on bottles at very high production rate. Below some important issues are outlined.


The high resolution 8 bit CCD camera, s/r > 60 dB, is diaphragm by PC without any manual intervention. Once the proper value in the calibration phase has been recorded, nothing else to do but recalling the relevant file on change production and the Systems is automatically reconfigured. For change of bottle with different height, it’s possible to move a top camera in the new position, thanks to a micrometric slide unit.


The very simple software customized for bottles control allows very fast and intuitive calibration. Parameters are protected by password and the relevant management is reduced to the variables actually in use and displayed on screen. It is also possible to display only the page summarizing statistical data or to associate to this the image relevant to the last rejected piece. The algorithms of the software are proprietary and developed for bottles control.
Format A bottle pictures
Format B bottle pictures:
Qualiglass System can be used to different types of Industries like

• Pharmaceutical
• Country Liquor
• Milk Food
• Soft Drink
• Syrup
• Hair Oil
Typical Composition
Acquisition Unit
installed on the conveyor belt where the bottles are already spaced and composed of :
N°. 12 CCD monochromatic high resolution and speed camera, with professional lens. These have the possibility of remotely managing the shutter speed, to change image brilliance on the basis of bottle transparence.

Dedicated lighting system, (with relevant powering unit), whose shape and dimensions is designed so as to stand interesting details out on lateral.
Processing Unit
contained inside industrial cabinet and composed of:

P4 Platform, equipped with 17” LCD monitor touch screen, mouse and keyboard.

Supervisory unit (micro PLC), interfaced to the Processing Unit form which it gets the result of control and by sensors, manage rejection, pieces counting and package change;

8 protected I/O interfacing unit logic NPN/PNP placed between Processing Unit, Supervisory Unit.

Besides, the hardware is completed with:

sensor of presence in the control area, to synchronize image acquisition when bottles are positioned at the center of cameras FOV;

sensor of presence in the rejection area;

actuator for rejection of defective pieces, composed of electrovalve operated by the Supervisory Unit.