Defect Detect System For Paper & Metalized Films

Defect Detect System For Paper & Metalized Films  
Product Brief
Linescan system is optimised to detect from small surface defects up to large density defects on film continuous web productions, using state of the art linear scan technology to guarantee the achievement of the demanding resolution/speed requirements.
Working Principle
The Line scan Inspector defect visual control system uses a set of very high speed digital linear scan cameras exchanging video information to the controlling PCs where the application software acquires and analyses the product images to intercept, detect and classify possible defects.
The system will use a special ultra uniform led light illumination that was found optimal to enhance and detect surface and density defects as well
Reduce maintenance requirements
Eliminates the need of high voltages
Eliminates possible optical beat interference between the high speed line scan cameras and the high frequency driving used in ionised gas lamps.
System can fully work without any electronic interface to customer systems.
System is suitable to be installed on slitter or rewinders
Following is a set of defect examples automatically detected by the system:
Typical defects on non-wovens inspected by the system
Typical defects on glass fiber fabric inspected by the system
Typical defects on paper inspected by the system
Possible Users
LineScan system can be used to inspect different materials like
Metallized film,
Paper film,
Transparent film and many more industrial applications. Following are some of the examples.
Typical Composition
Acquisition Unit
One to nine Linear Cameras (scanning frequency 30 to 62 MHz; high sensitivity) syncronized with process by an encoder
Double dedicated Lighting Systems (diascopic and reflected light)
Aspherical professional Lens
Processing Unit
Industrial Cabinet equipped with multiprocessor
Dedicated Software, fully interactive by Man-Machine Interface (MMI), allowing to classify each defect detected