Defect Detection System for Performer

Product Brief
Preformer allows to detect typical defects on PET preforms, which may be originated by improper injection moulding, improper preform handling or contaminated PET chips fed into the injection moulding machine. The Preformer has been validated after long run tests by AMCOR, the biggest American manufacturer of PET preforms.
Working Principle
Lateral Control

For lateral surface defect detection the system elaborates the image of the sample illuminated in transmission. In this case defects (a bubble or a foreign body for example) scatters out radiation from the image and they will appear darker than the surroundings.

Ring control

To detect preform ring defects Falcon system observes the light reflected by the ring. Ring defects reflect light out of the main beam and they appear darker than the rest of the image.

The System can be used:

• Before blowing station;
• After press;
• In stand alone configuration for selection
Maximum Production Rate: 22 * 103 pcs/h
The off-line configuration provides the installation of:

• A preform loading bin, fully built in AISI 304 stainless steel with internal plastic lining able to prevent    preforms damage during the unloading operation of the box;
• A preform elevator, able to carry the preforms up to the unscrambler section level
• A preform unscrambler section, able to put the preforms in upright position
• A preform gravity feeding section (feed ramp), equipped with two preform guides manually adjustable in   accordance to the preforms size by means of a hand-wheel device
• The standard Quality Control Module
The System detects defects on the following zones:
Top sealing surface :
Lack of material
Lateral surface :
Inclusions, bubbles,
Burns, burned annular areas,
Flashes, streaks, malformations,
Colour changes, long injection point,
Scratches, dirt, humidity
Trace, & contamination.
Bottom :
Crystallizations, burns,
Injection point deformity,
Possible Users
All the PET preform manufacturing companies.
Typical Composition
Acquisition Unit
Up to five Monochromatic Camera
Dedicated Lighting System (led stroboscope and fluorescent)
Special Optical System
Special Structure to support cameras and lighting system
Processing Unit
FALCON P4 Platform (based on Pentium 4 processor)
Dedicated Software, easy to use by an user friendly Man-Machine Interface (MMI)