Defect Detection System For Plastic Caps

Defect Detection System For Plastic Caps  
Product Brief
Qualiplast caps inspector system originally designed to check quality of plastic caps and more generally of closures up to a maximum production rate of 1,200 pcs/min by using up to five matrix cameras.
Working Principle
Referring to Figure, closures from press 1) are vehicled into centrifugal feeder 2) from which they come out set on conveyor belt 3) where by a dedicated device 4) are properly spaced. This way closures reach the control area 5) where, at the moment a sensor of presence provides signal, the images start to be digitalized and finally processed by a dedicated software. Then closures reach the rejection area 6) where the defective ones are rejected by using air compressed flow. The closures unaffected by defetcs reach the conveyor end where they are packed 7). The System automatically manages also the package change, once the forecasted quantity of pieces packed .
Check from the top
Measurements of circumference dimension
Circumference shape
Flashes presence
Non uniformity or absence of colour
Correctness of the sealing cone
Presence of dirt spots inside the cap
Imperfections or material lack of the upper profile
Lateral Check
Material lack of the upper profile
Presence of flashes, even small, comparing to a reference sample.
Presence of dirt spots on lateral surface
Possible Users
All types of plastic caps and closures manufacturing companies
Typical Composition
A complete supply includes the following elements
Acquisition Unit
Processing Unit
Software Package