Fenac Incremental Encoder  
     • Hollow Shaft FNC 58H
     • Hollow Shaft FNC 80H
     • Hollow Shaft FNC 100H
     • Solid Shaft FNC 50B
     • Solid Shaft FNC 58B
     • Solid Shaft FNC 50S
     • Solid Shaft FNC 58S
     • Solid Shaft FNC 115S
     • End Hollow Shaft FNC 50E
     • End Hollow Shaft FNC 58E
Fenac Absolute Encoder
    • Hollow Shaft FNC 58H
    • Hollow Shaft FNC 58B Sine - Cosine
Futec - 100% Print Defect Detections  
High Voltage Tester  
Murata - Ceramic Anilox Roll  
Laser Diameter Gauge    
     • Upto 0.8 to 35 MM  
     • Upto 1.0 to 150 MM  
Load Cells & Tension Indicator  
Italian Artificial Vision Group    
    • Defect Detect System  
      1) For Paper  
      2) Metalized Films  
    • Defect Detection System For Aluminum Caps  
    • Defect Detection System For Plastic Caps  
    • Defect Detection System for Pipe  
    • Defect Detection System For Reading & Verfying Barcode, Data Matrix, OCV & OCR  
    • Defect Detect System For Glass Bottles  
    • Defect Detection System For PET Preformer System  
    • Defect Detection System For Restoration & Preservation of Artwork & Paintings (IR Scanner)  
Online Laser Spectro Scopy  
Spark Tester    
    • Main Frequency Spark Tester
    • High Frequency Spark Tester - Bench Model  
    • High Frequency Spark Tester - Self Standing  
    • DC Spark Tester  
Rotogravure Machine Auto Registration control System  
Online Thickness Mesurement  
Inline Induction Wire Preheater  
Web Video  
2D Code Reader  
Butt Welding Machine  
Auto Web Tension Control System  
Ultrasonic Sensor  
PC Based Cable Profile Projector  
Guiding System  
Laser Sensor  
Corona Treater  
Pneumatic Brake  
Color Sensors    
Drawing Cones  
ROTO-GRAVURE Printing machine control by 5/7drive AC/Servo system and PLC  
Frame & Fork Sensors  
Control Panel AC & DC Driver  
Control Panel For Servo Driver  
Label Detection Sensors  
Control Panel for Wire & Cable Industries, Extruders, Payoffs, Dual Take-up Winder & Coiler Machine  
Control Panel T-Die & Lamination Extruder Plant  
Fiber Optic Sensors  
PLC & Scada Based Control System  
Slitting Machine Drive System For 40’’ Diameter Build-up  
Endoscopic Sensors  
Servo System For Wire Accumulator For On - Line Coiler    
Heat & Press Lamination Machine Drive System    
CCD Line Sensors  
Precise, High Speed Length Control By Servo Drive System With & Without Colour Mark For Sheet Cutting Application  
Vision Sensors  
Extruder Main, Nip, Winder, Motor Synchronization System    
Offset Printing Machine Control Panel  
Surface Detection Sensors    
Forming Machine Control System With PID & Length Control    
Moto Knife  
Powder Brake and Clutches  
Fire Resistance Cable Testing System