Endoscopic Sensors

Product Brief

The borescopes of ELTROTEC Endoscopy are high developed optical devices, created specifically for the industrial environment.

They are assembled from high precise mechanical and optical parts. ELTROTEC's broad line of industrial borescopes can be used for virtually limitless applications. This is a result of our expertise and long experience in manufacturing of endoscopes.



Focus ring allows focus to be adjusted
Optical shaft rotates to allow 370° orbital view
One hand rotation control
Palpable orientation
Computer optimized optical lens system
Special optical components styled for every
endoscope diameter
Objectives with a wide range of viewing angles and direction of views
Large lateral viewing angles
Outstanding illumination across visible area
Optimized relation of fiber optics to lens diameter
Fiber optics that conform to any viewing direction or angle
Ergonomic detachable hand piece
Working Principle