Precise, High Speed Length Control By Servo Drive System, With/Without Colour Mark for sheet cutting application

Product Brief
A wide range of Sheet Metal Cutting Machine is presented by our organization. These devices are exclusively used to cut paper or board from reel to sheets. Enabled with auto tension pneumatic brake these equipment are facilitated with de‐curling units. We offer these machines at cost competitive price.
Panels consist of:
1. 3phase, 5HP AC Drive of ABB.
2. Auto web Tension controller with pneumatic brake.
3. Synchronization card.
4. Length counter and sheet counter and Paper length meter.
The panel is designed for paper cutting from reel to sheets. On the basis of length counter, sheet counter and paper length set by the user; machine will cut the sheet.
Technical Specification:
Working Width 48" (1220 mm) (Also available in 54" / 60")
Floor Space 48” With One Reel Stand 32 ft x 7 ft
Designed Working Speed 110 Mts. Per/ min (Approx 125 Stroke Per/min Depending on cutting length)
Max Unwind dia 54" (1370 mm) / 60" (1500 mm)
Max. Stacking height 40" (1000 mm) / 47" (1200 mm)
Cutting Length Min 14" (350 mm) Max 40" (1000)/54"(1370 mm)
Type of material Paper from 70 gsm to 450 gsm (Total of all paper)
Total Power Required 12 HP
Sheet length adjustment Touch Screen with Servo Motor
De-curling unit Motorized De- curling unit