Laser Diameter Gauge (Upto 35 MM)

Online Laser Diameter Gauge Manufacturer Supplier Mumbai India  
Product Brief
Puretronics Introduces Non-contact Laser Diameter Gauge And Online Controller In Collaboration With European Company. Non-contact Measurement Technique Enable You To Stabilize Your Extrusion Process, Especially For Cable Production Lines.

It Reduces Waste, Reduce Manpower, Save Raw Material, And Ensure Product Quality.

It Is Easy To Setup And Use. It Is Made Of Aluminum Housing For Durability Even In Rugged Production Environments. It Is Insensitive To Product Vibration And Movement
Wire Drawing Power Cable Threads
Fibre Optics Tube Extrusion Tube Lights
Telecom Glass Rods / Tubes Profiles
Building Wire Rops Tools
High & Low Value Alarm, Out Of Range alarm, Alarm On -Off Selection.
High accuracy, low drift measurements.
Rugged case construction sealed for longer life.
Accurate measurement regardless of where the product is positioned within the measuring gate.
Using an advanced digital signal processor, the LAZER Micrometer sensor head minimizes external interference to give you the most accurate and stable diameter measurements possible.
In fact, measurement is so stable that after a year of continuous operation most users will have no need to recalibrate the gauge. The result is a non-contact, in-process system that consistently corrects and supplies accurate diameter from the controller—and keeps your line producing high-quality, cost-efficient product.
Stand with Adjustable Height
EXTRA DISPLAY UNIT : The 5 digit display and simple operating key system. Extension flexibility of Control & Display
Stand with Adjustable Height. X & Y Direction Motorized
Technical Specification
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