Laser Sensors

Laser Distance Sensor (Series LDS 60)
The Laser Triangulation Sensor LDS 60 is based on latest CMOS technology. It is working with a visible red laser. The measuring values are linearised by an internal signal processor. Due to this sensor measures the distance very accurate and independent from clour of surface. The LDS 60 Provides an analogue outpt with 4-20 mA. Otional there is a connection cable with shunt for 1-5 VDC output available.

Measuring Range : 20, 50, 100, 200mm
Resulation : 4, 10, 40, 100m
Outputs : 4-20 mA / 1-5 VDC
Measuring Rate : 500 Hz
Small Dimensions : (65 x 50 x 20)mm
Laser Beam Sensor

ELTROTEC's laser beam sensor LBS-M-34 and LBS-M-34/900 is an perfect instrument for tacking continuous edges, width measurement, diameter control and opacity measurement in liquids. Different slit diaphargm are available. The laser beam sensor LBS-M-34 consists of an transmitter and receiver unit. A parallel laser line is produced by an optics and a slit diapharagm. Shading the parallel laser line by edges or gaps produce and proportional similar analogue output signal between 0-1-10V

Diastance up to 2000mm are possible and reproducible value for example the edge regulation can be produced on each place between transmitter and receiver within the paraller laser beam.

If you will measure distances, profiles, form, surface, thickness online fast, non contactless and with a high precision, Eltrotec sensors offers a wide range of laser measure sensors for industrial process measurement.
More than 20 years experience quarantees the knowledge for a lot of different applications customers had to do every day (All the laser beam has protection class 2).

Several sensor types are available to solve specific problems as there are:
Shiny or glossy surfaces
Black, blank rubber and dark surfaces
Surfaces in variation of black and white (colours)
Hot metals where you need bigger distances and high temp. sensor.
Distance measuring where the machine creates vibration, shock or magnetic fields
Application Of Laser Sensor