100% Plain Film Defect Detections

The Linescan is actually "turn-key" systems. This means it can fully work without any electronic inerface to yours production line, but can also be wired to the slitter by input or output signals to start inspection automatically when the production of a nea reel start, to print a report when the production of the reel is completed and also to give a set of warnings or alarms related to the production conformity.
The LineScan Inspection vision system is a machine for automatic detection and classification of various defected in the production processesof films, is dedicated to inspect films on rwwinders, slitters or metallixers and also used for dimensional measurements.

LineScan can inspect quality surface of many different materials, thansks to his modular configuration compordd by different cameras and light sources solutions, can effectuated defects inpection on all this kind of films:
Transparent, laminated or opaque films
Meta;;ized on transarent of paper films
Special adhesive Films
Woven and not woven films
Paper reels
Glass fiber films
Float glass production
Llexan or polycarbonated sheets
Auluminium or stainless steel reels