Load Cell

Product Brief
“Puretronics” presents LOAD CELL for various automation applications to cover most of the automation in converting or process machines. The range of Load cell produced by Puretronics satisfy all demanding applications and can be used for measuring the tension value of all materials including paper, cardboard, plastic film, foil, rubber and wire.

“Precision measurements of web tension is essential to ensure consistent product quality and to maximize productivity Different models are available to meet the requirement like Flat type, Round type and Round Hollow type.

“Pure” series of tension sensors are full bridge, strain-sensitive load cells, with built-in self-aligning bearings that make them suitable for dead shaft or live shaft applications. These are generally used in pairs to support tension sensing idlers on either ends. Standard ratings cover a range from 10 kg to 2000 kg in different sizes. Adaptable for base or flag mounting.
Type of Load Cell
Round Type Load Cells (Model No. - AR-85-20-17/ AR-85-50-17)
These load cells are designed to be mounted directly onto the ends of the tension measuring roll and are able to indicate with high precision the resultant tension forces being applied. The commercial success of this model, designed for tension control with laminates, is due to the combination of its compact size which allows its use in confined spaces, and it’s very high level of quality and reliability.
Round Load Cells (Model No. - AR-125-100-25)
AR-125-100 load cell can be used for through shaft assembly application. Mounting kit data are indicated in the table below. These load cells measure the applied force, and give an electric proportional signal, repeatable and free from hysteresis, which can be used for any kind of regulation
Flat / Pillow Type Load Cells (UPB- - - XXXX – 40)
Under Pillow Block (UPB) series load cells are of sealed construction, designed for demanding industrial applications Suitable for live and driven shafts. Ideal for high tension, high speed applications.
Selection Procedure
1. Weight of the roll.....................W
2. Maximum web tension.............T
3. Wrap angle of web...................
4. Angle of tension due to web.....
5. Mounting angle........................
6. Resultant force..........................F
7. Safety factor = 2
Resultant force per load cell is inclusive of safety factor = 2
Load Cell Stand With Pully & Digital Tension Indicators
Signal conditioning and amplification of load cell output is included in matching digital tension monitors or controllers. In various applications of Printing, Web Processing and Wire etc. the tension of a processing material is needed for getting accuracy from the systems. Digital Tension Indicators, used with Puretronics Load Cells is admirably suited for on-line sensing and indication of web tension. The unit outputs a signal of 0-10VDC/0-20mA, in terms of web tension. They are available for both face mounting and for independent mounting on the control panels
Technical Features