Online Laser Spectroscopy

Product Brief
SECOPTA develops and produces laser-based sensor technology for industrial and security applications. The technology relies on a compact, industry approved solid state laser (of the parent company CryLaS) and is powered by proprietary software (neural nets).SECOPTA´s mine searching system LIBS-PROD – which is based on this platform System also analyze s the atomic composition of surfaces. Secopta provides customized analytic tools based on laser spectroscopy. The applied techniques allow online, on-site and in situ measurements.
Working Principle
The FiberLIBS is a free beam LIBS system for surface element analysis. It works with a laser focus diameter less than 200 µm and needs a visible defined target on the surface. By the atomic composition in the measuring point it is possible to determine the sample material and to detect and determine contaminations on surfaces. With a laser pulse rate up to 100 Hz the system is able to send out up to 100 analysis results per second.
Composition of materials
Online: fast measurement
Onsite: small sensor head
Insitu: no sample preparation
Contact free measurement
Outstanding long term stability
Fully automated operation
Flexible self learning algorithm
Industry Applications                    
Surface analysis
Quality assurance
Plagiarism defence
Mining – copper ore concentration
Security Applications
Detection of explosives
Detection of biological and chemical hazardous substances
Land mine detection (Awarded with the “ Technology Award 2007” of the German Defence Industry)