Cable profile projector from IIM, GERMANY

Product Brief
IIM- cable measurement engineering leads to a better quality assurance lies in the fact that measuring results can be backwards pursed especially in case of customer’s complaints. VisioCablePro is a standardized unit assembly system with components tested as compatible (e.g. cameras, Optics, Lights). The VisioCablePro has a compact simple construction and is very low maintenance.
Working Principle
VisioCablePro can be equipped in its standard version with one or two cameras Due to this you can project from very thin wires app.0,2mm till coats of 75mm diameter having the best resolution possible. All zoom levels are calibrated and have to be set well reproduceable.

The switch over of the camera in the device is made with a handgrip at the control unit. The respective camera safely engages in the optical axis.
A laser which projects a spider lines on the working area is optionally placed between the camera positions.

This spider lines helps the user to position the sample under the camera. If you are dealing with great enlarging, which have vision fields of only a few millimetres.
Skin cable with foamed internal member
Cable structure
Cable structure with saw traces and perspective shadows
Cable structure
The housing protects the projection system from foreign light coming from the surroundings and the user from the blinding of the mounted lights.
The Z-axis allows the adjusting in height of the cameras (focusing). It can be easily controlled from the front of the device.
The light unit control enables the comfortable setting of the light for the measurement.
On the ramp are placed the cable samples respectively the slide. It also contains the back light area. Here a XY plane table can be optionally annexed.
Near the ramp you can find a filing area, where you can keep for example cutting tools for the sample preparation.
The PC keyboard can be sunk in the device in order to gain more space.
The handles enable to move the device very simply from one place to another.
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