PLC & SCADA Based Control System

Product Brief
We offer high performance PLC Drive control panels considering the priority of client for demanding automation at every step in industries and replacing the old relay logic and availability of support.

We offer our client Siemens make of PLC.

Our PLC & SCADA Panel / PLC & SCADA Panels are supplied at
various locations in India.

We provide SCADA Development and Servicing to our clients coming from varied industries. These services are specifically provided as per the requirement of our clients.
Very stable, industry tested PLC processor.
Accurately tested ladder logic.
Excellent ladder logic programming software
Internal DC power supply.
Easily configured for the project.
Modbus communication protocol can be used.
Auto tuning PID loops.
Two communication ports, which allows off site modem plus on‐site display or touch screen.
Ethernet module available.
Our PLC control systems can be used for standalone system control, remote system control, monitoring, reporting and data logging.