Quality Control / Inspection

100% Plain Film Defect Detections
Defect Detection System for Aluminum Caps
Defect Detection System for Plastic Caps
Defect Detection System for Pipe
Defect Detection System for Glass Bottle
Defect Detection System for Pet Preformer
Restoration & Preservation of Artwork & Paintings-IR Scanner
Reading & Verfying Barcode, Data Matrix, OCV & OCR
Futec - 100% Print Defect Detection System
High Voltage Tester
Ceramic Anilox Roll
Laser Diameter Gauge
Load Cells &
Tension Indicator
Italian Artificial Vision Group
Online Laser
Spectro Scopy
Machine Auto Registration
control System
Inline Induction Wire Pre-heater
Model PH 10019C
Model PH 15019C
Model PH 20019C
Web Videos
Precise, High Speed Length Control By Servo Drive System, With/Without Colour Mark for sheet cutting application
Auto Web Tension Control System
Quality Control for Color Scan Online (Delta E Value for Color)
PC based Cable
Profile Projector
VCP-04 (50mm) (Camera Based)
VCPB-04 (30mm) (Camera Based)
VCPS-01 (120mm) (Scanning Type)
HCP-100 (36mm) (Camera Based)
Guiding System
Line Guide
Cutter Guide
Electronic Centre
Guide System
Electronic Chaser System for Lamination Machines
Quality Control for Control & Comparison of Printed Material based on Digital File (Scandiff)
Quality Control for Auto Registration Control – For Offset / Flexo (Regolus)
Quality Control for Security Data Control & Variable Data Inspection (Sentinel)
PLC & Scada Based Control System
Quality Control for Offset & Silk Screen Printing Machine

Control Panel for Wire & Cable Industries, Extruders, Pay-offs, Dual Take-up Winder & Coiler Machine
Control Panels
T-Die & Lamination Extruder Plant