Auto Registration Control-For Offset or Flexo (Regolus)

Product Brief
Regolus is a register system developed for colour printing process on reel systems. “Automatic pre-setting” is the innovative feature of regolus allowing decrease of time and material waste during the printing start up process. Regolus will carry out the register control using a micro pattern printed on the web.
Working Principle
Regolus can be equipped with a single colour camera but also with one colour camera for each printing unit in order that the register of them can be managed individually. This feature will permit a real time correction, and ensures a continuous high printing quality
Longitudinal and transversal colour register control for rotogravure, flexo and web offset printing presses.
Digital measurement control with independent micro-processors for unit.
Automatic recognition of register mark
Independents Gigabit Ethernet cameras for each printing station.
Simultaneous control of print elements with fully automatic presetting feature.
Automatic start up even without print cylinders preset.
Significant scrap reduction, thanks to an automatic mark recognition and preset.
Increase productivity by reduction of down time.
Control of printing on any kind of material.
Best quality of the printed product.
Minimum waste during roll changes.
Few print scraps for change of reels, accelerations and decelerations of the press.
Fast investment return on.
Possible Users
All the printing technology applications