Security Data Control & Variable Data Inspection (Sentinel)

Product Brief
Sentinel can fully scan and acquire all web width in order to analyze the page width and length for any page printed, verifying print quality and page contents: Image/pattern, barcode, data-matrix, OCR and other special verification functions.
Working Principle
The system is an advanced quality control system optimized to inspect Variable and Security Data for all the pages printed at high speed. checks the integrity of the data and the print quality on roll to roll and stack to stack applications.
Unique Lighting system for a diffuse and uniform illumination
All operations can be carried out using the touch screen
Easy to learn and easy to use GUI interface
Fast and automatic set up (new job can be started in a minute)
Great reliability in the detection of defects and errors
Full report and automatic storing of all production process data
Different levels of Login
Quick zoom function
Easily define jobs with different areas with different controls and tolerance levels
Simple software but extremely powerful and versatile
Operating in Windows XP
Graphic area checks (Logos)
Hologram presence/absence and integrity checks
White area checks
Linear Barcodes checks
Data-matrix checks
OCR checks
OCV checks
Possible Users
All kinds of printing data manufacturers
Barcode stickers manufacturers