Quality Control for Offset & Silk Screen Printing Machine (SPECTRO)

Product Brief

SPECTRO vision systems are able to control the 100% of the decorated surface and to detect the typical defects produced during the printing process.

SPECTRO systems have been specifically studied to control the 100% of the production directly on the production line.

SPECTRO is specific for aluminium or plastic tubes, caps, cans and each cylindrical objects. Normally it is collocated on the printing machine, inside a unit where it is possible for the tube to be in rotation and where a rejection system for the defected tubes could be carried out.

Working Principle
The tube is controlled by a linear camera that acquires the decoration image line by line on the tube in rotation. Artificial vision techniques, developed by DeCoSystem, allow the 100% control of decoration without any fixed reference position: they only need an encoder for the rotation speed synchronization (if the speed is not constant).
SPECTRO has a very intuitive operator interface with a fast setup and an amazing defect detection management packaging.

The standard features are:

Unique Lighting system for a diffuse and uniform illuminationAll operations can be carried out using the touch screen Easy to learn and easy to use GUI interface Fast and automatic set up (new job can be started in a minute) Great reliability in the detection of defects produced during the press offset process Full report and automatic storing of all production process data Different levels of Login
• Cosmetic Bottles
• Plastic Tubes & Jars
Possible Users
• Aluminum Caps & Closures Manufacturers
• Cosmetic (Plastic) Bottles, Tubes & Jars