Web Videos


Product Brief
Video system which has been developed to increase machine speed, monitor and improve print quality, Reduce machine start up time and reduce waste due to print defects.
Technical Data
Color camera 1/4”-type Super HAD CCD with high performance
Professional optics with Marco functions & achromatic close-up lens; motorized Iris zooms, Focus function.
High-resolution SVGA monitor. 17’’ monitor non-interlaced for a stable image flicker free.
Strong mechanical construction with powder coating for long durability. Aluminum traverse with steel moving guides which is extremely robust for life long with out wear & tear.
Technical Specification
Power Supply 230VAc Hz
Central unit PC Compatible
SVGA 17'' (Dot pitch 0.24-800x600 not interlaced)
Camera unit
1/4”-type Super HAD CCD, Resolution 752(H) x582(V) pixel, 460 TV lines (H),Optical zoom 18 xs with motorized iris, focus & zoom.
Flash Units Xenon Lamps
Sensor unit Encoder
Visible Area 90 x 70mm (zoom min)
Area magnification 0.01-100
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