Defect Detection Pet Preformer System

Puretronics Defect Detection PET Performer System provides advanced quality inspection for PET performs, ensuring flawless production and superior product integrity in the manufacturing process.

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Cap Inspection System is proudly presented by Puretronics in collaboration with QVision Italy. It is a modular vision system, which can be equipped with one or more standard inspection modules; each module is dedicated to specific controls, in order to detect the typical defects of this kind of production. Standard modules are available for the inspection of circular symmetry closures, as flat caps or sport caps, with or without liner. The system can be installed on existing production lines, if necessary technical requirements are fulfilled, or it is possible to offer «turnkey» solutions, supplying the vision system complete of a proper mechanical transportation unit.

The inspection software is fully owned. It is therefore possible, on request, to provide customized versions, together with dedicated hardware configurations, to meet specific customer needs.

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  • QVISION-C-TOP : For the inspection of the border and the inner surface of the closures. The inspection is performed with the closures upward facing, with a top-view. The optic is a wide-angle lens, in order to enhance the typical defects on the border of the closure (short-shot, deformation, ovality, horizontal flashes) and inside, on the visible surfaces (contaminations, color variations, black spots). This module can be installed either on a conveyor belt (with caps moving aligned, spaced and upward facing) or on a starwheel.
  • QVISION-C-BOTTOM : For the inspection of the top external surface. Normally this inspection is performed with closures moving on a star-wheel, upward facing, while camera observes the top surface from the bottom, through a hole in the main plate of the machine (usually on the hole is installed a special glass). Typical defects that can be detected with this unit are: dirty, contaminations, color variations, black spots. This module, if required, could also inspect a possible printed logo.
  • QVISION-C-SIDE : For the inspection of the external side surface of the closure. The acquisition unit uses four cameras, installed at 90° each other. The unit is installed on a conveyor belt, with closures moving aligned and spaced, upward facing. Typical defects that can be detected with this unit are: lack of material on the border, vertical flashes, dirty, black spots.

Oval shape, lack of material, lack of tightness of the sealing ring, incorrect geometrical dimensions, deformation, long injection point, micro-holes in the injection point, burnt rings, moisture rings, unmelts, crystalline (haze), foreign particles, black specs, bubbles, chromatic variations, streaks, etc.

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