Pneumatic Brake

Puretronics delivers reliable Pneumatic Brakes, offering optimal control and safety in industrial machinery and equipment for enhanced operational performance.

Supplier of Pneumatic Brake & Clutch

Pnuematic Brake is introduced by Puretronics for maintaing the tension of the product during the production. Manufacuring this types of brakes for more than 10 Years, Puretronics is one of leaders of manufacuring Pnuematic Brakes in India.

  • Features
  • Technical Specification
  • Accessory
  • Application
  • Compact size gives more compact machine design
  • Easy disassembly of brake design, results into easy maintenance
  • Easy disassembly of brake design, results into easy maintenance
  • Design of brake housing gives us efficient heat dissipation
  • Electrical fan fitted on center hole to ensure constant heat dissipation
  • Bi-directional turbine and surrounding housing with ventilation hole permitting air circulation from middle to periphery of unit results best thermal power dissipation
  • Constant controllable torque due to stable friction lining material
Advantages :
  • Bidirectional turbine on the braking element.
  • Special hole pattern on the housing to enhance the ventilation & air cooling.
  • Additional electric fan further enhances the thermal power dissipation.
  • Maximum heat transfer.
  • High quality friction pads ensure a constant controllable torque.
  • Highly reliable design.
  • Modular design for wide range selection.
Selection Code :
Friction Coeff Min 0.2 atm Max 6 atm Friction Coeff. Min 0.2 atm Max 6 atm
Standard 0.15 16 Min / Rpm 100 300 1000
Low Coeff. 0.075 5 With Fan 3:5 4.4 8.9
Max Rpm Weight Inertia
2500 ~22 Kg i=0.058 kgm
MOUNTING-BRACKET-AX-250 The mounting bracket enables the user to mount the pnuematic brake onto the machine. Widely used to ease the hurdles of the user to make arrangements for its mounting and can be used for modification jobs as well.
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  • Wires
  • Plastic
  • Paper Industries
  • Metal
  • Packaging
  • Textiles
  • Web Processing
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