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Puretronics Print Inspection System offers cutting-edge technology for meticulous print quality control, optimizing production efficiency and ensuring flawless output in diverse printing applications.

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The solution to constant hunger for quality improvements, Easy Pia series is the solution. The Easy Pia series is the intellegent tool to satisfy the quality needs to the industry, to maintain and monitor the printing quality to the minute level in order for the user to send the quality material to their customer error free. Print Systems For Inspection the Easy Pia series is easy to use and yet effective in delivering the right output to the user. The high quality Linescan cameras help the device monitor the complete web at once achieveing 100% detection. Sophisticated technologies and algorithms ensure the complete and reliable monitoring as well as the immediate correction of error sources. The outcome is Defectless printing quality and a happy customer.

  • 100% Print Inspection system has 4K RGB Color Line Scan Cameras for High Speed Image Capture
  • Single or multiple line scan cameras as required
  • Detection of width upto 2800mm
  • Bright light LED
  • Visualisation immediately after machine starts
  • Live view also with activated inspection
  • High image resolution
  • Increased decision certainty during set-up
  • High resolution digital images and numerous web viewing options
  • Defect snapshot and location indication
  • Filter zone selection for marking areas for defect detection
  • 100% Print Inspection system has Selected area sensitivity setting for varying defect tolerances
  • Full print repeat and 'fit to screen' view
  • Roll mapping with rewinder control
  • System can be used with any type of roll to roll printing applications
  • Supports all material like polyester, BOPP, aluminum foil, LDPE
  • Power supply: 230 V AC 50 Hz
  • Temperature range: 0 to 50 °C
  • Easy to operate with interactive graphical user interface
  • Online diagnostics and support
PRODUCT ID Vs818-1 Vs818-2 VS818-4
INSPECTION WIDTHS 150mm - 650mm 850mm - 1250mm 1250mm - 1650mm
IMAGING RESOLUTION 0.037mm - 0.159mm 0.104mm - 0.153mm 0.076mm - 0.100mm
  • Machine gravure printing presses for online inspection of print quality
  • Supporting a variety of flexographic printing presses for online inspection of print quality
  • Compatible with supplimentry rewinding or slitting machine
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