Wire Tension Indicator | Wire Tension Gauge

Puretronics Wire Tension Indicator and Wire Tension Gauge ensures precise and real-time tension monitoring, enhancing efficiency and safety in various wire-based manufacturing processes.


Wire Tension Pulley is the perfect solution for measuring and maintaining the online tension of the product during the production. This device helps the user to improving finished product quality, reducing waste, increasing processing speeds, and maximising machine efficiency and reduce low downtime.

Why Industry need it ?

There is direct / indirect impact on product quality with tension variation beyound certain limit. The process like extrusion, stranding, bunching, twisiting, rewinding, coiling, weaving, coating, inspecting, drawing, enamabing or similar where the running product is passing through some process. which directly impact on quality of process and product as well machine performance. Hence the end product quality is been compromised inspeite of willingness to give best quality product by the industry.

  • Features
  • Technical Specification
  • Accessory
  • Applications
  • Stable design, Standard models are with dynamic balanced ceramic pulleys.
  • Choice of mounting to suit specific location
  • Analogue output which can be used for further automation like close loop tension control, alarm data
  • Highly precisied digital tension indicator with analogue output
Benefits :
  • Gives long lasting performance
  • Accomodation in existing process, machine is easy
  • Desired possible automation is very much possible, in order to steamline the process.
  • Great tool which can help in varoius ways like alarm, value to data logger, digital read out
Technical Specification
Model WTI-90-40 WTI-100-40
Size of Wire 0.2 to 5mm 2 to 10mm
Tension Range 40kg/15kg 40kg/15kg
Supply 24VDC 24VDC
Outputs 0-10VDC / 4-20mA / RS485 0-10VDC / 4-20mA / RS485

* Customized model can be designed to meet specific requirement.

STAND-WTI The stand is used for Wire Tension Pulley to keep it steady during the production. The adjustable height of the stand makes it easier in case of interfacing it with different machine and different application.
Online Tension Measurement System :
  • Wire
  • Strip
  • Thread
  • Rope
  • Cable
  • Tube
  • Fibre
  • Rod
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