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Envelope machine for Daramic Battery Separator

For over 85 years, Daramic, LLC has led the way in developing new and innovative technology for the lead-acid battery market like best quality battery separator. With headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA—Daramic today supplies high-performance polyethylene and phenolic resin battery separators to the lead-acid battery industry. Daramic is also committed to delivering unsurpassed expertise in advanced separator technology.


Daramic produces high quality battery separator papers to battery manufacturers which are used to separate the electrodes from acid solution in the batteries so that they do not come in direct contact. Daramic had a specific requirement for some of their customers that the battery separator papers that they supply is to be provided in an envelope format so that the customers need not process the papers again and directly put it to use.

They needed a robust machine that can modify their papers into envelopes of a specific dimension and at the same time is fast and efficient.

  • We designed a conveyor and processor type of machine along with our partner
  • The slitted rolls from the finishing line are to be processed by this machine for envelope making. The envelopes are prepared by folding the paper at one end
  • The machine was equipped with four different kinds of motors
    • Unwinder motor (the roll to be processed are fixed upon unwinder)
    • Vacuum motor (act as feeder and puller unit)
    • Cutter motor (primary motor)
    • Conveyor motor (shacking)
  • The slitted rolls are passed through the processing line which comprises of motors and pasters which pushes and compress paste the paper into an envelope format
  • Also, the machine was prepared in such a manner that it can prepare both kinds of envelope packets which are envelopes made up only of PE roll, and second envelopes made up of PE and Glassmate roll
  • The machine was also adjustable to the size of the envelopes which varied from 80mm to 200mm.
  • The machine maximum speed operatable was is 150 units per minute

Value addition
  • This machine is one of its kind to provide fast and efficient processing of the envelopes
  • All the parameters can be controlled directly by the control panel which administers the machine
  • The envelope pasting is 100% secure and we haven’t received any faults yet
  • Our design was so accurate that each envelope was identical and its dimentions were as required by Daramic’s customers