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Extraction line Load cell for Daramic Battery Separator

For over 85 years, Daramic, LLC has led the way in developing new, innovative and best technology for the lead-acid battery market. With headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA—Daramic today supplies high-performance polyethylene and phenolic resin battery separators to the lead-acid battery industry. Daramic is also committed to delivering unsurpassed expertise in advanced separator technology.

Best Extraction line Load cell for Daramic Battery Separator near me

An extraction line is used as a paper processing element. The paper is passed through several processing tanks to give them certain properties suitable for specific requirements. The battery technology giant required a solution for processing tanks which would help them process their battery separator paper so that it attains the properties suitable for their product. The processing tanks are complex and continuous in nature and even a minimal error could lead to rejection of the whole line of paper. The machine had to be robust and efficient to process heavy loads for a longer period of time.

  • The extraction line consists of 5 tank arrangement which is arranged back to back so that the paper could be processed sequentially
  • The tanks were manufactured by our partner which contained a series of rollers equipped with motors which are all synchronized to obtain a smooth flow of paper through the solution in the tank
  • We equipped the tanks with customized Load cells which have the most important function to task to operate: Maintain the tension and speed of flow
  • The fully in-house manufactured, the pair of the load cell is placed at the entry of every tank on either side and returns the output signal to an amplifier installed at the junction box.
  • The amplifier amplifies the signal and sends it to the PLC. The PLC then controls the speed of the respective motor associated with a particular tank with respect to a tension based on the output signal
  • The Load cell also controls the inflow of the paper with the help of a sensor and keeps it suspended within upper and lower limits so that it shouldn’t get stretched and tear off or won’t get lose and get damaged

Value addition
  • The Extraction line is the most important and crucial step for Daramic as all other process depends on it
  • This is the very first and foremost process ensures the quality production capability of Daramic and we have ensured that it is possible for them in every way
  • The Load Cell which we designed is a unique product that is not available in any other place in the market.
  • With this successful execution, we were able to bag many more projects from Daramic.