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Finishing/Slitting line for Daramic Battery Separator

For over 85 years, Daramic, LLC has led the way in developing new and innovative technology for the lead-acid battery market. With headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA—Daramic today supplies high-performance polyethylene and phenolic resin battery separators to the lead-acid battery industry. Daramic is also committed to delivering unsurpassed expertise in advanced separator technology.


A Finishing/Slitting line is used to split or divide a jumbo roll into smaller rolls of specific width for specific requirements. Daramic supplies battery separator paper to its customers in different variant quantities based on their requirement, for this they have to cut the paper in different widths and roll in different lengths and then pack and send it.

While doing this they also have to ensure that the paper is free from any pin-hole, be homogenous and defect-free.

  • To ensure that all the requirements are met, we along with our partner designed a machine that will fulfill its compliance in a stepwise manner.
  • The various stages are welding station, web-guider, pinhole detector system, spray gun assembly, load cell, slitter assembly, etc.
  • This machine comprises of various intermediate electric gadgets & actuators for pre-processing of Battery Separator Paper.
  • The Welding Stage is used for joining battery separator paper when one finishes and the next one starts
  • The Web Guiders ensure that the alignment of the paper roll is in position and not. In case of inconsistency, the sensors attached to the web guider send signals E+L Web guider actuator fix beneath unwinder frame for vertical motion.
  • This actuator detects the position of the unwinder frame which in turn re-align the product web roll throughout the machine length.
  • The Pinhole Detector System is a laser-based system employed to identify even the minute holes present in the paper. Once identified the signal is sent to the PLC which in turn instructs the Spray gun assembly to act
  • The Spray Gun Assembly spays a specialized ink over the hole detected section, this area and later be identified and excluded over while usage
  • The load cells section ensures proper tension which needs to be maintained before winding the paper to a new roll to prevent any damage to the Battery Separator Paper
  • The Slitter Assembly is the most important and final stage in this machine. This assembly is employed with specialized slitting blades which slits the paper in required widths equally. The paper is then winded in new rolls at the winding section

Benefits of Finishing/Slitting line for Daramic Battery Separator
  • This machine provided Daramic an all-round inspection system to ensure that their product is compliant and defect-free.
  • All the actuators and gadgets on the machine can be controlled through the control panel
  • The precision of our machine was so accurate that Daramic offered us the opportunity to produce 4 more Finishing/Slitting line.