Auto Registration Control System

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Puretronics Auto Registration Control System offers seamless and precise registration control, optimizing printing and packaging processes for superior print quality and reduce wastages. Puretronics is happy to introduce the top quality Registration Control System for Prinitng machine at best price. The Registration Control system helps to constantly monitor and control the registration. The printing process demands the registration of color on color to be very pricise and accurate in order to acheive the accurate printing results. The CRS2020 helps the printer to achieve the consistant results throgh monitoring and control.

  • Features
  • Technical Specification
  • Software Screens
  • Build In Oscilloscope : The gating of the signal is very easy and shown on the screen with the help of high speed oscilloscope which makes it best performing Registration Control System.
  • Convenient Touch Pad : The CRS2020 system is equipped with the touch screen which makes system most users friendly.
  • Job Data Saving And Calling Out : The operator can save any number of the jobs in the machine. This helps in saving time while changing the jobs on the machine.
  • Longitudinal And Lateral Control : This system is designed to work with both longitudinal and lateral (side) error correction both at a time. In case lateral correction facility is not there in machine, it always helps to show the error, hence make it more informative to the user and corrective action can be taken on tension, wrinkle, rubber roll etc.
  • Intelligent Scanning Head : Inspection accuracy reaches +/-0.01mm, Scanning head is equipped with 2 eye mark system with LED and Microprocessor based auto teaching system enabling it to scan almost every type of the mark as shown below. And thus, gives edge to run various materials like paper, plastic etc.
  • Flexibility to the user : Customer can list to tailor the need. It has function of manual /auto switch, error benchmark set, manual adjustment, shift modification and error display, alarm indication etc. as per the job.
  • Easy Software Operation : The screens are designed with footage which always gives the required information during the RUNTIME in systematic way to the operator.
  • Presetting : It enables the operator to start the first print very close to the registration. On the main screen it also shows the cylinder circumference, line speed, date & time of the current job, Initial setting: Here the operator can select the type of mark for all the colour units, forward/backward printing and enter the cylinder circumference for the job and save it. So next time for the same job, he just has to call the job.
  • The Panel : The panel is designed as operator friendly with rich aesthetic look and all featured protection like Isolation transformer, inbuilt UPS & Industrial Air-Condition.
Parameters :
Model CRS2020
Speed Max 600M /min
Sensing Accuracy ± 0.01 mm
Amendment Speed 1 mm/s
Unit 1~16
Area Vertical and Horizonal Error
Panel Auto / Manual
System Windows
Power 800W
Voltage AC220V+10% 50~60Hz
Size WxDxH 650 x 560 x 1480mm Only CRS2020
Size WxDxH 1050 x 600 x 1500mm
CRS2020 with Video

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