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Inline induction wire preheater is used to heat the wire prior to extrusion coating processing etc. ideally suitable for Cable and Wire Industry. It improves the adhesive coating of Insulating material on conductor as the temperature of the conductor remains same throughput the run and the heat flow is even through out the wire to assure that no cold patches occur at the any line speed hence avoid the wastage of costly raw material gives high quality and product and higher product speed. It works on electrical inductive resistance heating principle assure no current flow to other wire line equipment. The heat on the wire is applied evenly at all the operating should regardless of wire diameter. A sold state thyristorised control with line speed Encoder feedback provides correct secondary voltage as per desired setting. It also eliminates wire burn out during stoppage.

Line Voltmeter Power ON Heating on indication is provided with Auto / Manual selection and heating potentiometer for easy operation and quicker setting. Current limit circuit protects the Preheated Coil from overloading. The entire unit is self-contented Powder coated with glass window cabinet and doesn't require any foundation footing

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  • Technical Specification
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  • Electrical - Inductive - Resistance heating principle.
  • Wire temp remains constant irrespective of change in line speed.
  • Prevents over heating during wire stoppage.
  • Displays set temperature, line speed, primary voltage & current.
  • Current over - load protected.
  • A.C. Invertor controller system.
  • Self - contained, Powder coated witd Glass window, classic look.
  • Wheels to move tde unit easily.
  • Bi - directional Left to Right or Right to Left.
  • Wire break detection.
  • Door interlocking for safety.
Different Models of Inline Induction Preheater and their specifications are as given below:
Inline Induction Wire Preheater Model PH 0019C Model PH 5019C Model PH 0019C
Maximum line Speed 1000 Mts/min 1500 Mts/min 2000 Mts/min
Wire Diameter 0.4-3.6 mm 0.5-2.8 mm 0.3-1.4 mm
Wire Material Copper Copper Copper
Maximum Wire Temp. 190 C 190 C 380-460 V AC
Power Supply 380-460 V AC 380-460 V AC 380-460 V AC
3-Phase 50/60 Hz 3-Phase 50/60 Hz 3-Phase 50/60 Hz
Induction Frequency 350-400 Hz 350-400 HZ 350-400 Hz
Power Output 18 KW 15 KW 15 KW
Dimension ( H x W x D ) 1550x800x700mm 1550x800x620mm 1550x800x620mm
Running Height of Wire 1000-1500 mm 1000 -1150 mm 1000-1150 mm
Pulleys One shorting & One Insulating One shorting & One Insulating One shorting & One Insulating
Wheels For shifting of the Unit with lifting jacks For shifting of the Unit with lifting jacks For shifting of the Unit with lifting jacks
Control System Microprocessor based/Analogue Microprocessor based/Analogue Microprocessor based/Analogue
Induction Frequency 350-400 Hz 350-400 HZ 350-400 Hz
NON-CONTACT-TEMPERATURE-SENSOR The sensor enables the user to get feeback of the present temperature of the material running in the Preheater.
  • For Wires & Cable Industries
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