Drawing Cones

Puretronics Drawing Cones provide efficient and precise wire drawing solutions, ensuring optimal quality and performance in wire-based manufacturing processes.


RIZZARDI is a coating process using powdered metals and special alloys that can be used on any material. Today "Rizzardi" can boast of one of the highest levels of specialization in the field of coatings of hard and semi-hard metals, especially for the metal wire working field.

  • Applications
  • Features
  • Used on all types of drawing machines
  • To draw all types of metals and alloys: Copper, Aluminum, Steel, Alloy, Gold, Platinum, Tungsten, etc.
  • For drawing wires on multiwires
  • All of the coating conditions are monitored by a strict computerized analysis, to obtain consistent omogeneity of the hard metal (chemical, and mechanical characteristics).
  • The coating offers absolute resistance to its detachment due to certain impacts or pressure from temperature variations.
  • Due to its insulating quality it is particularly suitable for drawblocks and rings used in drawing ultrafine Copper Wire and for conveying pulleys and rolls.
  • The correct friction coefficient allows a correct number of wraps on the pulling capstan thus eliminating typical problems such as crossover.
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