Web Video Inspection System

Puretronics Web Video Inspection system offers real-time visual inspection, enhancing quality control and identifying defects in web-based manufacturing processes with precision. Trust Puretronics for reliable, high-performance web inspection Systems solutions designed to enhance quality assurance. Upgrade your production standards with Puretronics, setting new benchmarks for precision and control in every application.


Web Inspection Systems

Puretronics introduces Web Monitoring System in collaboration with European Company. In todays time where the printing speed has increased and with reduced length of jobs Monitoring of print becomes very important in order to keep the wastages under control. Web monitoring system totally solves this purpose of the user, with this system the user can easily see the actual print onto the screen and can accordinly make the necessary corrections to reduce wastages and increase the throughput of the product.

  • Light- Adjusts the light level of the picture according to bright grounds
  • Focus- Adjust the focal point of the picture
  • Setting the picture at any point Upward or Downward
  • Setting or postitioning the picture mechanically to the right or to the left
  • Taking under control the pictures recieved
  • Stop & move and time based programable
  • LED strobe technology camera
  • 1072 million colours
  • 10X zoom lens with customised optics
  • Standard field of view 120mm x 120mm maximum
  • Traverse size 500mm-2000mm
Benefits :
  • Waste to a minimum
  • Rejected products
  • Make ready to a minimum
  • Press production time per job
  • Operator's involvement
  • Rotogravure Printing
  • Flexo Printing
  • Label Priniting
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