About Puretronics


In PURETRONICS we value win – win kind of partnership with our customers, suppliers & associates. We strongly believe that sturdy and fundamentally strong growth can be achieved on the platform of ethics and fair business play, so we can serve the industry till the horizon. New technologies are always being welcomed in PURETRONICS to serve the society in smart & innovative way.


PURETRONICS was established in the year 1990 with a very young and dynamic person under the guidance and support from well experienced & self-made personality Mr. Gopaldas Goyal. As a start it was a small enterprise engaged in manufacturing of DC Drives & Control Panels. Over a period of time the faith of the customer on us encouraged us to add the new range of products for which only limited sources were available in the market with their rules and regulations.

PURETRONICS with the support of the customers and well-wishers added a wide range of products in the market to provide complete solution under one roof. The strong support & technological collaboration / partnership with leaders of the world market mainly Europe and Japan was established.

Now PURETRONICS represents more than 10 Global Brands in India and serves the Indian Industry with full force to upgrade the industrial technology and to make some WORLD class products in India.

Service and Technical support is the strongest and most valued part of our core business.

  • Develop, Produce, Deliver and Upgrade the required Engineering Products by the Market Large Scale.
  • Make Bigger & Bigger Range, Variety of Products to Meet the Requirements of the Global Market.
  • Keep on Increasing Efficiency, Productivity and Quality Day by Day in Every Field Of life.
  • Upgrade Ourselves Continuously with our Partners, Suppliers and Distributors.
  • Keep on Increasing Team Spirit.