Web Tension Load Cell

Web Tension Load Cell by Puretronics Enhances accuracy and efficiency through precise force measurement, ensuring optimal performance. Different models are Flat Load Cells, Axial Load Cells.

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Loadcell range is introduced by Puretronics for measuring tension of the product online. Measurement of the tension value of all materials including paper, cardboard, plastic film, foil, rubber and wire. Precision measurements of web tension is essential to ensure consistent product quality and to maximize productivity. Different models are available to meet the requirement like Flat type, Round type and Round Hollow type.

Importance of Loadcell

Precious measurement of web tension is essential to ensure consistent product quality and maximize productivity. Puretronics presents loadcells for various automation applications to cover most of automation in converting and process machines. Measurement of tension value of all materials including paper, cardboard, films, foils, rubber, sheet metal, fabric, metal wire and can be installed in any zone of a web production process.

Strain Gauge Technology

Wheatstone bridge illustrates the concept of a difference measurement, which is extremely accurate. The amplifier provides a stable excitation voltage of 10VDC to the force sensor. When load is applied the strain gauge is either elongated or compressed. This change in length leads to a change of overall resistance of the circuit. These changes are been calculated and readings are been displayed.

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Either roller bearing or loadcell bearing should be used and the other bearing should be locked.For accurate measurement and more precise output roller bearing should have a lock and it is recommended that roller bearing should be locked.

It is important to select correct loadcell rating for an application. This can be determined by calculating the net force by choosing the wrap configuration diagram shown.

The selected load rating may be 20% less than the computed Net Force. The actual force on the transducer will read 125% of the load rating before hitting the stops. This is acceptable because the Net Force formula contains an oversizing factor of 2, which means that the actual force exerted on the transducer will not exceed its rating. Sometimes, a roll is so heavy that its weight uses up most of the operating range of the transducer.

At this condition since the adjustment range of the electronic circuit has been exceeded possible to adjust the tension indicating meter to read zero when tension is zero.

To rectify if the load is too heavy to adjust the tension meter at zero

a. Compare the laod rating along with the effective weight of the roll

b. If Wcos(A) is more than 95% of the load rating chosen

If this case changes to be made to reduce Wcos(A) less than 95% of load rating

  • Reduce the transducer roll weight
  • Increase angle (A)
  • Use the next higher load rating (This is the least desirable choice because it reduces transducer signal output)
Web Tension Load Cell , Load Cell For Metal Industry
  • Ruggedly constructed for long life and dependability
  • Maximum mechanical overload protection for upto 10x time
  • Full whear stone bridge designed for measurement accuracy and low temprature drift
  • Certification CE, ATEX (Explosion proof)
  • Easy installations
MODEL AR-85 Series AR-118 Series AR-125 Series AR-ST Series
Strain guage resistance 350 Ω
Excitation voltage 10 VDC
Mating electrical connector Military grade L Type / 90° Type Standard Type
Working temperature 0° to 50° C
Sensitivity 2mV/V
Mounting Flange Mount Flange Mount Flange mount with pilot hole Pillow Block
Capacity 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 50kg, 100kg, 200kg 50kg, 100kg, 200kg, 500kg 50kg, 100kg, 200kg, 500kg 100kg, 200kg, 500kg, 2000kg
Shaft OD 17mm 25mm 25mm 35mm / 40mm
Signal Output 20mV / 10V 20mV / 10V 20mV / 10V 20mV / 10V
Overall Protection Up to 300% of full scale value Up to 300% of full scale value Up to 300% of full scale value Up to 300% of full scale value
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