Line Laser


The line laser used for core positioning during slitting for accurate placement of the core, the slitting knife or cutter. The laser helps the order align both the components with a single reference. This avoids any humar error of placement.

  • Features
  • Accessory
  • Applications
  • High quality and brightness Laser light used for longer life.
  • Easy to mount and use.
  • Troublefree operation.
  • Button at the back to switch off the laser when not in use.
  • No maintainance of the system.
Laser Lights The customer can easily add more laser light for future expansion in the present system. This helps the customer saves cost.
  • Slitting machine for core & Cutter alignment check
  • Core position check on unwinder, rewinder for example - Rotogravure, Flexo, Lable Printing & Converting Machine, Textile & many more
  • Repositionof the object. for example :- Laser Cutting, Real Alignment.
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