Fire Alarm Cable Testing Equipment

Puretronics Fire Alarm Cable Testing Equipment offers comprehensive and reliable testing solutions, ensuring the highest standards of safety and compliance for fire-resistant cables in diverse applications.

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Equipment Compliance with standard BS EN 50200:2006
On Demand can be supplied as per BS EN 6387:1994 OR BS EN 7846:2000
Control Panel Size 850 x1480 x 670mm
Test Equipment Size 1640 x1600 x 500mm
Cabinet Enclosure 300 x 300 x 300 mm
Weight of Test Equipment with Control Panel 550 kgs Approximately
Material used for Test Equipment Stainless Steel Structure
Datalogging Facility Logging of various useful data for quality control & Report Generation
Input power Supply & Frequency 3-Phase , 415Vac, 50-60 hz, 2 Amperes
Voltage selection for cable testing 600/1100VAC cables/1500VAC cables
Test to resistance of unprotected cable size Upto 20mm outer diameter of the cable
No.of coresfor test Upto 5 cores
Presettable Digital Timers For Water, Shock & Total test time
PLC based Interlocking For Alarming Purpose, Safety, Sequence Of Operations & HV OFF/ON
  • Test equipment structure & frame madeup ofStainless Steel & frame for rust free, longlife operation.
  • Clamping arrangement on Test Wall is very user friendly, can be replaced easily for different test cable sizes.
  • Thermocouple is placed with removable clamps& easily adjustable fixing.
  • Audio & Visual alarm facility for fault & tripping status.
  • Datalogging of KV applied, Fault Status, Average Temperature & Current with respect to real time.
  • Heavy Duty Step-Up Transformer for High Voltage.
  • Digital Ammeter, Digital KV Meter, Digital Timer, Digital speed setting of hammering device.
  • Adjustable Hammering Speed.
  • Water vessel with measuring scale to collect the water from the well designed Water Tray, which do not allow water to spill on floor during test.
  • Easy to connect Inlet of Air, Gas, Water & Power Supply to test equipment.
  • Continuous ALERT signal (Audio/Visual) while test is ON.
  • Accurate & highly reliable Flow Meters, Pressure Gauges & Solenoid Valves for trouble free operation for years together. In addition, Air & Gasfilter used to protect above devices.
  • Adjustable Burner height arrangement for easily adjusting the desired position offlame.
  • Electronic Ignition & Flame Failure Detector is in-built features of the system.
  • Specially designed electronic tripping circuit is used to give acknowledgement of fault during Test.
Description Test Equipment Requirement Compliance With Standard BS EN 500200:2006 (Range/Arrangement) Fire Surveillance Cable Testing Equipment From Puretronics(Range/Arrangement)
Test Temperature Cable subjected to fire at conventional temperature at 842° Celsius The temperature can be extended upto 950° Celsius
Mechanical Hammering Shock 2 stokes/min Variable Rate of shock at 1-5 stokes/min
Water Spray Water Drenching Spray arrangement is fixed. Adjustable Water Spray, Cover plate arrangement to restrict water on Burner.
Water Vessel To collect water from Water Tray during Test. Water Vessel with Measuring Scale to show volume of water flown.
Water Tray Fixed arrangement Easily Removable for cleaning of ashes.
Buzzer or Hooter Audio Facility Audio & Visual Alarm facility for end of test & HV ON/OFF or Fault command.
Burner Arrangement is fixed. Burner Up/Down arrangement with scaleis provided if required.
High Voltage Applied High voltage test upto 1100VAC Variable 0 to 2500VAC
Method oftest for resistanceto fire of unprotected small cables for use in emergency circuits :
  • Electric Cables
  • Fiber Optic Cables
  • Data Transmission Cables
  • Emergency Lighting Cables
  • Communication Cables
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