Ink Viscosity Controller

Puretronics Ink Viscosity Controller ensures optimal ink viscosity, revolutionizing printing processes and enhancing color accuracy.

Best quality Ink Viscosity Controller

Ink Viscosity Controller (CRS-IVC2K) is the new electronic viscosity meter by Puretronics for measuring and regulating the ink in the printing press. The working principal is based on the motor which gives effective and yet precise output. The ink coming from the pump is circulated to a measuring body which is measuring the viscosity. The viscosity is analysed by a microprocessor and displayed in seconds.

  • 2 Mode Operation :
  • (i) In manual mode the Ink Viscosity Controller system displays the measured viscosity. The front panel keyboard is used to correct the error by adding new solvent.
  • (ii) In automatic mode the system executes a comparison between the programmed viscosity and the measured one. Based on the magnitude of the difference new solvent is added to correct the error.
  • Power: AC 220V, 1.6A
  • Power Consumption: 100W Max
  • The control range of Concentrations: 5s - 35s
  • Maximum Dilution: 72l/h
  • Maximum amount of ink circulation: 15l/min (or 50l/min optional)
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