Curtain Sensor

Puretronics Curtain Sensor provides efficient and accurate motion detection, enhancing safety and automation in various industrial and commercial settings. Trust Puretronics for high-performance curtain sensors designed to elevate your detection systems. Upgrade your security and automation standards with Puretronics, setting new benchmarks for precision and efficiency in detection technology.

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Puretronics is introduces best quality Curtain Sensor for detection of any object. This product is mainly concentrated for Elevator Industry to give feedback of presence of object or person in between the moving doors of the Elevator.

The specially designed sensor is a product more towards the safey of the passengers. The robust design and electroncis makes it even more responsive to detection of smaller objects.

Puretronics shall be glad to serve the Industry with Curtain Sensor and ensure more safer ride for the passengers.

  • Features
  • Technical Specification
  • Criss cross beam technology curtain sensor
  • Curtain sensor that resist sharp sunlight more than 100000 LUX
  • Robust and extremely compact design
Curtain Sensor - Power Supply
Technical Features
Operating Voltage 85230VAC ±15%
60Hz, 24VDC ±15%
Housing Material Plastic
Output Relay 1NO & 1NC
Output Relay Capacity 120VAC 3A / 24VDC 3A
Relay Operation Life 10,000,000 operations
Power Consumption 3W
Buzzer Functions Alignment and timer buzzer
Timer Buzzer 85dB During alignment
Temperature Effect on Zero <+/ -0.02% / RC
Alignment Buzzer 90dB During alignment
Operating Temperature -20 to +65°C
Storage Temperature -40 to +85°C
Protection Level IP31
Isolation >2000V
Protection Degree IP31
NOTE : ON-OFF Buzzer controlled by buzzer switch
Technical Data - Electrical
Detection Range 0 - 3500cm
Number of Beams 94,154,212 Non parallel
Number of Diodes 17,32,36 Compatible
with EN 81-20
IR Diode Range 116 - 118mm
Detection Height 20 - 1920mm
Response Time 36 - 40ms
Power Consumption < 4W
Output Relay, 1NO - 1NC
Power Supply 24VDC ,220VAC
Operating Temp -20 to +65°C
Storage Temp -20 to +85°C
Power Indicator Red LED
Status Indicator Green LED (At no obstacle),
Red LED (At obstacle)
Light Immunity <100,000
Tolerance Vertical: ±10mm,
Horizontal: ±4mm
Cables Length(Tx&Rx) 3500mm
Protection Degree IP54
Buzzer Warning 15 seconds after obstacle
Marking CE
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