Ceramix Anilox Roll

Puretronics stands as a top choice among ceramic anilox roll. Our advanced technology ensures the production of high-quality ceramic anilox rolls, offering precision and durability for various printing and coating applications. Trust Puretronics for reliable, high-performance solutions designed to elevate your printing processes. Upgrade your standards with our ceramic anilox rolls, setting new benchmarks for excellence and efficiency.


Adopting the YAG laser engraving technique and thanks to its multi-pulse application, the cells are characterized of chiseled shape, smooth cell wall and significant improvement of ink release function, which can meet the high-precise and flexible printing requirements, and is easy to clean. It also features an excellent performance such as abrasion and erosion resistance, stable print quality, long effective life time, low composite cost with the first-rate quality in the world. Applications Wide Flexo Press, Narrow and Label Flexo Press, Corrugated Paper Printing Machine, Convert and Lamination, UV Coating.

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Ceramic Mirror Finish Roller, Satin Finish Roller :
  • Mirror finish roller and satin finish roller are widely used in plastics, leather, paper, textile, packaging and printing, steel and other industries
  • Abrasion resistance : superhard ceramic roller can increase the hardness from hard chrome plating layer from HRV 800 to HRV 1200 above
  • Erosion resistance : Thermal sprayed ceramic alloy material has a very erosion resistance ability, it has been widely used in harsh environments such as petrochemicals
  • Maximum processing capacity : 600mm x L4500mm
Product Parameters :
Screen Scope 100-1800LPI
Diameter Range 40-600mm
Maximum Width 5000mm
Cell Shape 60° Hexagon
30° Hexagon
45° Diamond
Cleaning Brush The ceramic special steel brush made by our company is made of high quality stainless steel wire. A variety of wire sizes are available for different applications. It can avoid the problem that the ordinary copper brush blocks the netting and the cleaning effect is poor, making the daily cleaning and maintenance easier and more effective.
  • Wide Flexo Press
  • Narrow and Label Flexo Press
  • Corrugation Paper Printing Machine
  • UV Coating
  • Cl Flexo Press
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