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Defect Detect System For Paper & Metalized Films

Ensure flawless quality with Puretronics' Defect Detection System designed for paper and metalized films. Our advanced technology meticulously identifies and addresses defects, guaranteeing superior product quality. Trust Puretronics for reliable, high-performance defect detection solutions tailored for the unique demands of paper and metalized film manufacturing. Elevate your quality assurance with Puretronics, setting new benchmarks for precision and excellence in defect detection.

Best Defect Detect System For Paper & Metalized Films

>Defect Detect System For Paper & Metalized Films is optimised to detect from small surface defects up to large density defects on film continuous web productions, using state of the art linear scan technology to guarantee the achievement of the demanding resolution/speed requirements.

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  • >Defect Detect System For Paper & Metalized Films has an elegant and robust mechanical support structure, which allows a high immunity to the vibration of the production line.
  • A camera case with special mounting which in addition to protect the same, allows easily the fine alignment with the web surface.
  • An automatic software procedure of new recipe creation, which is able to calculate automatically the tolerances according to the colour or transparency conditions of a sample surface that corresponds to the production (if any defects are there in the sample it automatically gets removed from the software through tolerance settings)
  • Multiple dedicated view in the running mode that allow to check the production duty and statistic simultaneously while inspecting the material
  • A complete post-processing tool, in order to analyze the web inspected in the quality control laboratory with an accurate analysis of the material.
  • An innovative way to increase Workflow.
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Supplier of Defect Detect System For Paper & Metalized Films
Thanks to many years of research and development, linescan has achieved many innovations and important tasks, some listed below:
  • Access protected by password and login divided in 3 classes: operator, supervisor and installer, providing a statistic with information on the various logins
  • Online-Help in compressed htm! format (CHM).
  • Four new running views, with the ability to zoom defects, to have an history of the detected defects and a new longitudinal and transversal graphical and statistical representation, all updated in real time!
  • Automatic procedure for a new job (new product under inspection) including automatic light regulation (the system finds in automatic way the level of illumination to optimise the contrast) and auto tolerances setting (the system verifies in automatic way the best tolerances set in order to reduce the false detection)
  • Easy set of the fine tuning of the tolerances divided by size and contrast of defect, further simplified for the operator by the new management levels with just 3 classes of sensibility (low, medium and high) previously defined by the supervisor.
  • Report of the inspection and function of automatic report printing with possibility to choose between defects details, images and histogram.
  • Management of different kind of warning (for instance to turn on a red lamp) and serious alarm (for instance to stop the machine).
  • Management of several markers or adhesive flags to create a reference of the defect position on the film.
Oil Mark Low Metallization Oil Mark Burnt Soft Texture Low Density of Fiber
Pinholes Pinholes Pinholes Material Lack Short Texture Small Stick
Dirt Trans-way Lines Dirt Clusters Wrong String Bubbles Inclusion
Foreign Bodies Foreign Bodies Foreign Bodies Low Density Missing String Cluster
Scratch Scratch Scratch Fiber Buildup Broke Texture Spots
Gels Macro-hole Stain Irregular Texture Filament
Impurity Splashes
Flying Object Flying Object
  • Transparent, laminated or opaque films
  • Metallized or transparent or paper films
  • Special Adhesive Films
  • Woven and not woven films
  • Paper reels
  • Glass fiber films
  • Float glass production
  • Lexan or polycarbonate sheets
  • Aluminium or stainless steel reels.
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