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Non-Contact Length and Speed Measurement System

Puretronics presents an advanced Non-Contact Length and Speed Measurement System, ensuring precise and efficient measurements for various industrial applications.


Non-Contact Length Measurement Sensor is proudly introduced by Puretronics in collaboration with a German Company.

µSPEED systems are capable of measuring speed and length without contact to the moving material surface. The systems replace tactile measurement solutions as e.g. contact wheels, which tend to measurement errors caused by slippage, chatter, dirt build-up and day to day wear problems. The maintenance free and long term calibrated µSPEED systems measure nearly all surfaces without parameter setting.

Ready solution for measurement of :

  • Length
  • Part Length
  • Standstill
  • Area Measurement
  • Speed
  • Movement
  • Direction of Movement
  • Slippage
  • Elongation
  • Repeat Length
  • Shrinkage
  • Mark Distance
  • Features
  • Technical Specification
  • Accessory
  • Applications
  • Non-Contact Legth and Speed Measurement System has a typical measurement accuracy of ± 0,05% and equipped with a quadrature output, the µSPEED Laser-Encoder is the perfectly suited gauge to replace tactile speedometers/rotary encoders or to replace length and speed measurement via machine drives.
  • The non-contact µSPEED laser encoder length measurement and speed measurement systems operate contact-free and because of that without slippage, are maintenance-free and permanently calibrated, while being almost material-independent.
  • Light, dark and black, reflecting, matt, structured and rough surfaces are measured with high accuracy and without changing the parameter settings.
  • µSPEED unites the entire measurement technology in a 0,9 kg heavy, red sensor head casing and directly delivers length and speed measurement values via quadrature output or as ASCII String via a serial interface.
  • Industrial bus system and ethernet are available as interface options.
  • The µSPEED laser gauge measures roll lengths and controls cutting processes and machines. Differential length and differential speed can also be measured.

Benefits :

Compared to tactile measurement systems :

  • Self monitoring
  • Non contact, no slippage
  • Maintenance free and permanently calibrated
  • Measurement independent form material
  • Structure, thickness, elasticity
  • Cannot damage material surface
  • High accuracy, high repeatability

Compared to other non‐contact devices :

  • The most compact in class
  • The most easy to handle in class (plug & play)
  • Non-contact direction detection
  • Non-contact zero speed measurement
  • No parametration necessary
  • Permanently calibrated
  • Long laser lifetime
  • Optimum price performance ratio
  • MID 2014/32/EU standard (proofed by German PTB)
  • Made in Germany

Non-Contact Speed & Length Measurement System

Enhance your manufacturing processes with Puretronics' non-contact length and speed measurement system. Our length measurement system and speed measurement system advanced technology provides accurate and reliable measurements without direct contact, ensuring precision in various applications. Trust Puretronics for high-performance solutions designed to elevate efficiency and quality in your production lines. Upgrade your length and speed measurement capabilities with Puretronics – your partner in precision and innovation.

Direction Detection non-contact via external direction signal via external direction signal
Measurement starting from V=0 non-contact optional No
Material Presence non-contact optional No
Accuracy (typ.)
± 0,05 % ± 0,05 % ± 0,3 %
Repeatability ± 0,02 % of the measurement value (except SMART-ECO)
Sensor Type Smart Sensor Smart Sensor Smart Sensor
Speed Measurement Range 0 to ± 1.200 m/min
0-20 m/s
1 to ± 6.000 m/min
0,02-100 m/s
1 to ± 6.000 m/min
0,02-100 m/s
Stand-off Distance (Tolerances) 115±5 (±20) mm 120±5 (±20) mm
240±10 (±40) mm
120±5 (±20) mm
240±10 (±40) mm
Interfaces 1 x RS-485 or RS-232
alternatively to I/Os:
RS-422, RS-485
I/Os Quadrature Output
1 to 100.000 (depending on maximum speed) pls/m
Input: Start, Gate, Direction, Laser Interlock
Output: Status
I/O Type RS‐422 Gauge
Laser Interlock (single, 24V)
Available Data speed, length, signal quality, status, laser interlock, valid measurement
material present (only PRO)
Fieldbus Profibus, CANopen, DeviceNet, CC‐Link
Ethernet‐IP, Profinet‐IO, Modbus‐RTU
Bluetooth (All Fieldbus optional)
Class of Protection Sensor Head: IP67
Controller/MID-COUNTER: Front: IP51; Back: IP20
Dimensions (LxWxH) Sensor Head: 154x94x39 mm
Weight Sensor Head: 0,9 kg
Power Supply 24 VDC (18 V to 30 V)
Operating Unit optional
Laser Data 25 mW, 780 nm (Laser Class 3B)
Ambient Temperature/Humidity 5 to 55°C ‐ not condensing
beyond temperature range – external cooling / heating required
Terminal-Box - µSPEED-T-BOX The μSPEED-T-Box terminal unit enables easy and safe connection and supply of the μSPEED-SMART, μSPEED-SMART-ECO and μSPEED-PRO sensors. The top-hat rail module is intended for installation in a control cabinet
Shielded Cables - µSPEED-C10, C25, C50 Sensor cables for connecting the µSPEED sensors with the µSPEED-T-Box in lengths between 10 and 50 m (greater lengths only on demand)
Optical Adjustment Aid - µSPEED-OAJ μSPEED-OAJ3 allows a quick and safe adjustment of μSPEED systems without the aid of scales, spirit level or protractor. The adjustment aid OAJ3 is, among other things, for portable measurement applications, for measurements on rotating cylinders or in tight spaces and in applications with constantly varying material spacing.
PC Software - µSPEED-CMS The configuration and monitoring software µSPEED-CMS is used for operating µSPEED, as well as displaying and storing µSPEED measurement values on a pc, laptop or tablet. The CMS software is mainly used at portable measurements
Laser Protection Tube - µSPEED-TUBE The sensor head TUBE for the μSPEED sensor reduces the risk of direct exposure of the laser beam. The TUBE can be combined with the laser shutter LSH.
Application Overview
  • μSpeed® / μSpeed smartsensor
  • Length- & Velocity Measurement and corresponding Applications
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