ARS Series Overload

Best supplier of ARS Series Overload

Puretronics proudly announces to be one of first companies to manufacture the top quality Overlaod Devices in India pertaining to the campaign of MAKE IN INDIA.

The overload devices are used by majorly the Elevator Industry along with other industries to measure the tension of the rope online. The device acts as safety equipment and prevents excessive load to the main product, resulting in longer and safer ride for the passengers in the Elevator.

The product is indigenously developed by Puretronics and is already Industry 4.0 ready for the manufactuerers to integrate in a more depper perspective to provide more sodality in the ride and user experience for the passengers.

Easy to program and easy to handle makes this quality ARS Series Overload Device extremly user friendly to use and integrate with the systems.

Puretronics with this product strengthen its portfolio for Process Control Equipement.

  • Features
  • Technical Specification
  • Suitable for 1&2 roped installation
  • Programmable relay: Full load and overload
  • Integrated display to show weight values upto 999kg
  • Automatic calibration
  • No need for test weights
  • Universal rope clamps for all types of rope distribution
  • Disabling input for detection of elevator movement
  • Two keys for programming parameters
  • Quick and effortless installation
  • Integrated control to correct weight fluctuations
Technical Data - Mechnical
ARS-35-11 / ARS-70-21
Mechanical 3500Kg
Safe Load 150% RC
Ultimate Overload 200% RC
Deflection at Overload < 0.5 mm
Hysteresis < 0.1% RC
Total Error < 0.5% RC
Weight Approx. 2Kg
Temperature Effect on Output <+/ -0.01% / °C
Temperature Effect on Zero <+/ -0.02% / RC
Operating Temperature 10°C - 50°C
Measuring Range 999 kg
Cable Length 2 mtr / 7mtr.
Technical Data - Electrical
ARS-35-11 / ARS-70-21
Power Supply 24-48 VDC
Disabling Input 24-VDC / 230-VAC
Relay 250V 3A
Relay Output (Configurable) 2
Nature of Relay Output (Configurable) Active High, Active Low
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