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An alarming system with Line Diameter Gauge for Miranda Tools

Miranda Tools Pvt. Ltd. is associated with the High Speed (Steel) Cutting Tools Industry for more than six decades. The company manufactures and supplies products such as HSS Tool bits, Hand Hacksaws, Power saws, Metal Cutting Band saw Blades, BiMetal Bandsaws, HSS Taps, End mills, Reamers, Annular Cutters (HSS & TCT), Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burrs, Solid Carbide Drills & End mills, Carbide brazed tools and Low Alloy blades.

Miranda has never compromised on the selection of input materials and has always sourced it from the world’s best sources. The products are processed on state-of-the-art equipment and under the able guidance of capable and efficient teams to ensure our end-customers get the highest in satisfaction and productivity from Miranda Tools.


Miranda tools are a proud company that has always taken care of its quality materials and high precision of its tools. However, the company had one requirement to check the precision of the diameter of its drill tools before they went for carving in the helix or spiral edge structure. This was crucial for the consistency of the tool.

  • We came up with our flagship product The Line Diameter Gauge(LDG)
  • LDG measures the diameter of the object passing through it within the range of 0 to 40 mm.
  • The system was enhanced by adding an alarming system which would detect the defective pieces and raise an alarm correspondingly.
  • It is provided two modes of operation first in which it will raise an alarm if it finds any discrepancy in diameter, and second, it has given a tolerance limit within which it will allow the metal cylinders to pass.
  • Also, the alarm system was designed to operate in three customized modes. The first one is manual in which the alarm will be raised by the person by manually inspecting the diameter through LDG
  • Another one is Automatic in which there is no need for supervision and the alarm will be raised automatically after detecting defects after which the defective products can be removed.
  • The third mode of operation is the switch mode in which the

Value addition
  • The LDG is generally used for measuring the diameter of wires but we modified it for measuring cylindrical rods for Miranda Tools.
  • The overall efficiency of the production improved significantly due to the automated detection of the defective pieces
  • Miranda was assured of the quality and precision of the products they were producing due to the quality assurance from LDC alarming system