Bottle inspection system for Berry Global

Berry Global, Inc is a Fortune 500 global manufacturer and marketer of plastic packaging products. Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, it has over 290 facilities across the globe and more than 48,000 employees. With $13 billion in revenues in the fiscal year 2018, the company is the 6th largest Indiana headquartered company in Fortune Magazine’s ranking.

Berry is one of the world's leader in manufacturing aerosol caps, and also provides one of the most extensive lines of container products.

Best quality Bottle inspection system for Berry Global near me

Berry Global required a bottle inspection system for its quality assurance of the bottle manufactured at its Bangalore plant. It is important for a bottle manufacturer to inspect the dimensions and quality of each and every bottle manufactured so as to maintain consistency and meet customer’s requirements. And for that Berry Global invited us to help them carry out their inspection process by providing then an efficient bottle inspection system.

  • The Bottle inspection system for Berry Global is one of our flagship products which is highly efficient and customizable.
  • We have partnered with QVision, an Italian company to deliver high end, quality inspection system along with live monitoring through their software.
  • We inspected their conveyor arrangement (flat conveyor distance and locations) for positioning of our six high-speed inspection cameras which captures the top, mouth, and side angles of the bottle
  • The system was designed in a way that a signal will be triggered by the microcontroller every time the bottle enters the inspection area so that the camera could take pictures of it and through inspection software sorting of the bottle if it is of a good or bad category will be done.
  • To obtain noise-free signal we segregated the signal and power cables by conduit pipes which inhibit interference of noise.
  • A solenoid valve was added to the system which is employed to eject the defective bottles by applying air jets in sync with the rejection signal.

Value addition
  • The Bottle inspection system for Berry Global was developed so as to be fully customizable according to the need of Berry Global to inspect 20, 30 and 50 ml bottles
  • Spacers were provided to properly align the bottles at specific distances to as to properly capture the images of bottles passing on the conveyor.
  • The software is able to inspect the bottle and take decision by comparing with the tolerance limits set. This gives a high precision inspection and increases the credibility
  • We also provided an additional sensor setting which will be triggered when the air jet fails to eject the defective bottle. The sensor detects the error and rejects every bottle present on the conveyor starting from the defective one. This prevents the flow of any defective piece to the final lot and thus ensures 100% assurance. The system can be reset by a push-button.