Auto Dual Coiler Machine for Polycab Wires

Polycab Wires Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of wires and cables and other various electrical products such as fans, lighting, switches, etc. around the world


Polycab Wires improved its operations through the efficient performance of our auto dual coiler machine for automatic coiling and cutting wires at a specific length.


Polycab wires had a specific requirement for packing wires lengths for specific lengths as per customer demand. They needed a machine which should be capable of coiling wires of different lengths and diameters with adjustable height and coiling speed.

They didn’t have any space constraint but needed a robust and highly efficient solution to encounter this problem

  • Our project team inspected the site and documented each and every detail by actively communicating with the concerned authorities
  • Prepared design and came up with a solution- Auto dual coiler machine that will help automatically inspect and cut wires at specific lengths.
  • The design included four different installations synced with each other
  • The first section was the payoff which would load the bobbin to be uncoiled
  • Then comes the dancers' assembly which would adjust itself according to the tension between the payoff and the coiling machine. The dancers are responsible for maintaining the tension in the wires so that coiling and uncoiling is synchronized
  • The final section was the Coiling Machine which would coil the wire in specific lengths in smaller bobbins according to the requirements of the customers.
  • All these three sections are to be controlled by a control panel that will contain the PLC which will synchronize the activities of coiling and uncoiling and also display the specification in a display panel.

Value addition
  • The PLC coding was not as easy as the pictures depict.
  • We took each and every aspect of operations, eg what to be done if the wires fell short, replacement frequency, etc
  • Synchronization is the most important aspect which we overcame diligently.